November 5, 2014

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Paris for a Princess – Charlotte Turns One – Kansas

It happened…a few months ago to be exact.  Charlotte turned one!  I cannot believe I how quickly the time has gone by.  Let alone get over the fact that this little bean literally gets cuter by the second! How is that possible?  Can you be too cute?  I have been blessed getting to stand on the side lines and watch her grow this first year, hearing about first bites, sleepless nights, first steps and the occasional cold and I cannot imagine what the next years are going to be like but I am so happy I have a front row seat.  Happy Birthday Bean! xo Auntie
Isn’t this Paris themed party just adorable?! You can purchase your own birthday/invitation suite on Etsy and customize it for whoever wants to take a little trip to Paris! Check it out here –> A party in Paris


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