January 8, 2018

my philosophy

“Be Strong and Courageous” is repeated again and again throughout the book of Joshua (4 times in Joshua 1 alone!). The past year (November 2016 – November 2017) has been full of wonders beyond my greatest expectations and incredibly difficult challenges.  But I keep heart and stand strong with this reminder that is stated over and over again in Joshua, Be Strong and Courageous!  I have felt like Joshua more often than not this past year, which has been a scary yet beautiful experience.  The one thing I have had to continually remind myself of, is that no matter the challenge, God delivered Joshua from tyrannical rulers and gave him the strength and ability to fight when necessary and the courage to do so.  This project is far from over and although I grow weary at times, I am encouraged at the thought of being led by the one who commanded the walls of Jericho to fall and gave Joshua the power to do so.

Quick note about renovations:
-I spent 2 weeks + the trash company’s largest dumpster to clean out the building and all its trash (my dad helped me fill the dumpster after I had gathered all the trash)
-I did all of the demo work (my dad helped on occasion, my mom helped me clean after demo, my dad helped me load it all in a second dumpster)
-I did all tile + grout work, carpet, mudding, taping, & painting
-I sanded, stained, & sealed the wood floors (my mom helped stain and poly)
-I hired a contractor to remove all metal siding and the metal awning since it could not be recognized as a historical building with the metal coverings.
-I hired an electrician rewire the lights like they were in the bank image below + rewire original lights that I found in a wall while in the demo process + add 4plex out lets on
the north and south walls
-I hired a contractor stud and sheetrock the newly ADA compliant bathroom + 4 ft high wall on the south wall
-I hired a plumber fix the leak in the bathroom plumbing and redo the fittings on the main line into the building.
-After 11 months of researching + writing I was approved as a Historical Building in Kansas and will hopefully have a confirmation for the National level soon!

September 27, 2015

my philosophy

Solstice in Santa Barbara is a big deal!  The whole city gets involved and it is one of the biggest celebrations of the year, parades, music, taste-y treats galore!  One of my dear friends opens her home and hosts one of the largest block parties in town where she is literally inundated with people from all over the county.  She bakes, her neighbor Emma makes her famous Jerk Chicken, and there is always a killer line up of great musicians!  If you are in town, its a must!


November 13, 2014

my philosophy

… I think “lovely” will sum it up …
To see and learn more about this event with Kinfolk, Fruitful Collaborations, and chef Ashley Mulligan Schutz  … click–> here!


November 6, 2014

my philosophy

Reflect: 1) of a surface or body) throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it.
2) think deeply or carefully about.
Recently I have been reflecting on past shoots over the years.  I love to do this because I think you have to understand where you come from to learn how to move forward, progressively.  While this is such a small representation of some of my favorite shoots and doesn’t include most of 2013 and nothing from 2014 (as I am still in the thick of 2013-2014 sessions and not enough time has passed for a true reflection) I am pleased to see the continuity in my work and the development of my style build over these years.  If this is what is a result of my play time and inner soul searching/creating I am excited to ride the next set of waves.


November 5, 2014

my philosophy

It happened…a few months ago to be exact.  Charlotte turned one!  I cannot believe I how quickly the time has gone by.  Let alone get over the fact that this little bean literally gets cuter by the second! How is that possible?  Can you be too cute?  I have been blessed getting to stand on the side lines and watch her grow this first year, hearing about first bites, sleepless nights, first steps and the occasional cold and I cannot imagine what the next years are going to be like but I am so happy I have a front row seat.  Happy Birthday Bean! xo Auntie
Isn’t this Paris themed party just adorable?! You can purchase your own birthday/invitation suite on Etsy and customize it for whoever wants to take a little trip to Paris! Check it out here –> A party in Paris


October 3, 2014

my philosophy

I dream of luscious dark chocolate that melts and swirls its self away as I silently indulge in a treat
I dream of long summer nights, engulfed with a hot wind that never ceases
I dream of cool crisp mornings accompanied by the sweet smell of pine.  Where the fog is settling just above the ground and is a sure sign that fall is on its way.
I dream of overcast autumn days that lead to snowy nights to welcome my friend Old Man Winter while I cozy up by the fire and sipping cider.
I dream of springs happiness and feeling anew, with a spring in my step as the world comes to life again and the birds sing gentle melodies that could stop a deer in her tracks.
I dream of all the things I wish to do but have not yet and fully know that all will come to fruition in due time.  But like the seasons of life dreams come in seasons of reality and take shape as we do.

Maya’s dream was not only to provide you with a treat, but an experience filled with fond memories of her childhood hoping you will create your own. All the while, her creations are of the utmost quality and from ethically grown cocoa bean farms around the globe that she visits herself.

Whatever your dream may be, I dare you to dream bigger, dream higher, and dream often.

Maya is partnering with Fruitful Collaborations and will be teaching the Art of Chocolate Making October 18th.  Learn more –> here 

July 16, 2014

my philosophy

…in the process of downloading these beautes from the lab…had to share!!

July 15, 2014

my philosophy

Galette in the making
Are you going to be there?
 go here –> Fruitful Collaborations, and be sure of it! 
Happy baking loves

July 11, 2014

my philosophy

Wow!! I was so happy to stumble upon this!! I am not sure how it happened but I completely missed this!  It may be from February, but it feels like Christmas in July! To see more from this feature go here –> A Rustic Country DIY Wedding in Selah Springs

Springs, Brady Tx
/ Dress – Patsy’s Bridal/ Food – The Spread Pit BBQ/ Flowers – Steffens

May 30, 2014

my philosophy

So excited to see this!!! To see more of this event and other kinfolk events around the globe, go here –> Kinfolk.  As for me, there will be more loveliness to come soon!  In the mean time, stay up to date on the happenings -all things DIY, community, intimate gatherings, local, and craft by popping over to Fruitful Collaborations.  I hope to see you in this season of events!!