October 3, 2014

my philosophy

Dare to dream…

I dream of luscious dark chocolate that melts and swirls its self away as I silently indulge in a treat
I dream of long summer nights, engulfed with a hot wind that never ceases
I dream of cool crisp mornings accompanied by the sweet smell of pine.  Where the fog is settling just above the ground and is a sure sign that fall is on its way.
I dream of overcast autumn days that lead to snowy nights to welcome my friend Old Man Winter while I cozy up by the fire and sipping cider.
I dream of springs happiness and feeling anew, with a spring in my step as the world comes to life again and the birds sing gentle melodies that could stop a deer in her tracks.
I dream of all the things I wish to do but have not yet and fully know that all will come to fruition in due time.  But like the seasons of life dreams come in seasons of reality and take shape as we do.

Maya’s dream was not only to provide you with a treat, but an experience filled with fond memories of her childhood hoping you will create your own. All the while, her creations are of the utmost quality and from ethically grown cocoa bean farms around the globe that she visits herself.

Whatever your dream may be, I dare you to dream bigger, dream higher, and dream often.

Maya is partnering with Fruitful Collaborations and will be teaching the Art of Chocolate Making October 18th.  Learn more –> here 

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