March 27, 2014

my philosophy

An African Summer

Lately I have been dreaming of my African Summer days. I never shared about my trip or the images…to say I was slightly disappointed with the way I captured my trip would be have been a severe understatement; but over the years I have visited and revisited these images and have fallen deeply in love with them and the memory of my trip.  Please ask me about it and don’t settle for an “it was nice”; my typical answer to almost anything.  It was a whirl wind and all happened so fast; from the invitation to join the crew, accepting said invitation, flying half-way across the world, climbing the highest free standing mountain, meeting and spending time at world vision ADP’s and flying back the other half of the globe.  It was tremendously more than nice and I need to take the time to articulate that. Without further adieu, I give you Tanzania, Africa; accompanied by Joshua Allday, Hanah (Moon) Lim, Mike Lim, John Huddle, Jill Partridge, Darrell MacClearn, Lindsay Koukl, Becky (Meyers) Holladay and Mike Webb.


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